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W H A T ' S N E W

November 7, 1999 - Cary Band Day Results/Thoughts- kyle
We just got back from the Cary Band Day in Cary, North Carolina. 'Bout a 5 hour bus ride from Spotsylvania. The whole Saturday was spent either participating in the parade and competition or at the mall. The drumline placed 2nd out of 8 in our class. The band got 2nd overall in our class as well. Other awards included: 1st place general effect, 2nd place drum major, and 3rd place auxiliary. This was the last competition of the season, but the drumline'l still be meeting together during winter drumline.

November 1, 1999 - Complete Redesign - kyle
I redid the entire site. Its a bit better organized now, and we'll be adding more content soon. We've all been really busy working on cleaning up the show and learning new cadences. The whole line is looking forward to winter drumline. We've been trying to recruit a few more people to help out, and things are looking pretty good.




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